The purpose of an assessment is to to evaluate the client’s ability and to measure if the student is currently fulfilling their potential using up to date recognised standardized tests.

  • Identifies: particular strengths and weaknesses and with this information, compensatory and learning support strategies may be implemented.
  • Feedback: in a positive clear manner that communicates clearly how a student did and future possible directions that can be taken.
  • Location: takes in the office in Gorey, Co. Wexford; or at school or a pre-agreed location depending on the type of assessment.

A Psycho-educational assessment includes:

  • Meeting with the adults e.g parents/guardian of the child if it is a child;  to discuss concerns on early development history
  • A  cognitive assessment profile looking at verbal and non-verbal processing skills
  • Attainments measured can include reading; spelling; mathematics; and writing.
  • A report will be completed outlining the outcome of the above testing and recommendations towards teaching and learning in the future.
  • The assessment can take up to three hours with a refreshment break in the middle.
  • One parent/ guardian of children are advised that they will need to remain outside the assessment office for the duration of the assessment.
  • Feedback to parent/s/guardians  usually takes place immediately after the assessment, and to teachers if appropriate in the school setting and other relevant professionals working with the child on request if appropriate.
  • Advice will also be given as to your child's entitlements to any extra support under the Department of Education and Science guidelines.


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To maintain a small private practice and give quality time to providing excellent assessments for all clients primarily in the local community.

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